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This weekend I am attending a bootcamp in Stockholm featuring Scald Eagle of Team USA! What a fantastic way to kickstart the derby season!

I’m looking forward to it a lot of course, but I’m also a bit nervous. There will be a lot of talented people present, and I’m afraid I’ll make a fool out of myself somehow. This is also a new experience for me; I’ve never attended a bootcamp outside of my league before, and I’m unsure of how many people I know who will be there.  These worries are all kind of stupid, I know, and I’m also sure they will dissapear once I’m actually there and everything has begun. I’m there to learn, and I’m pretty sure I’ll learn a lot!

This bootcamp is also the perfect preparation for the Team Norway tryouts, which is held the weekend after this. I’ve come to love the Team Norway gatherings that have been held during the last year. The derby people of Norway are all fantastic, and it would be great to be able to play alongside some of them on the national team. Fingers crossed that this weekend will teach me some skills that will help me during tryouts!