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About two weeks ago the first Team Norway “gathering” took place. The trainers and management around Team Norway has already been selected, and they organized a gathering for all interested potential Team Norway players. The proper tryouts won’t be before january, but by having these gatherings everyone who’s interested in playing on Team Norway will have a chance to get to know other potential players, getting to know the trainers, gain experience in how to play with others than your teammates, and just have a good time and learn a lot.

Since I haven’t even played derby for a full year, my confidence in making the Team Norway roster isn’t exactly sky-high. But, on the other hand, derby is really in its infancy here in Norway. The sport started as late as 2010 here, and so far there is only two competing teams (that being said, both teams have been climbing rapidly on the european rankings lately). With me being on the A-roster of the highest ranked team here in Norway, there should be some chance for me at least. I know I’ll have to work my ass of, but I have one sliver of hope that I can make the team, and I’m going to hold on to that and work reallyreally hard.


Short break, day 1 of the Team Norway gathering.
Foto by: Mona Fimreite

The gathering was a lot of fun though! I saw it more like a kind of workshop/bootcamp, and that was what it felt like. The first day we did a lot of drills, most of them about cooperation in some way. It was a long day, 8 hours of derby, and everyone was exhausted at the end of it. The second day we were divided into two teams, black and white, and we spent the whole day scrimmaging. It was a full on scrimmage, with a complete ref and NSO crew, so they almost felt like bouts. We had time for two “bouts”. In the first one, the white team (my team!) won. We were unable to play through the whole second bout due to an injury, but the black team were quite ahead in the second one and would most probably have won.

The best part about that whole weekend was getting to know derby players from all over the country (one even came as far as from Texas!). It was also very valuable getting to play with new people, as you have to cooperate and communicate in a whole new way when you’re playing with people who’s not used to your style of play.

After this weekend, I must say that my motivation to make the Team Norway roster just became stronger. It was just so much fun! The final tryouts for the team isn’t until next january, so I have half a year to work on getting good enough for the team and to develop as a skater. A lot has happened for me during these last six months, so I’m sure a lot more can happen during the next six if I work hard. I can do this!


The white team (team Sue Ellen) at the scrimmage. I am (for those of you interested) in the back row, second person from the left.
Foto by: Sofie Norheim