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Yeah, sorry for the unofficial christmas hiatus. There just hasn’t been much to write about during the holidays.

This week I returned to Trondheim and were able to return to derby practices again. My first ‘real’ derby practice this week was yesterday though, as the one on monday was a open training session for new, potential recruits, and I was ill (the cold) and sore (after being a bit too optimistic at the gym on monday), so I didn’t attend the practice on tuesday. But yesterday’s practice was awesome! We had intervals and endurance. Since I hadn’t practiced anything during christmas I thought my endurance would be at a low point, but the practice actually went well, and I didn’t feel I did that badly.

In about a week, they’re choosing the roster for our next two upcoming games. I’m really unsure of wether I will make the team or not. I get really optimistic when talking to some of our trainers who, of course, try to be really motivating and optimistic and say that anyone can make the team. But, if I think realistically, I know that there is a lot of great players who’s played for a lot longer than I have, and who have bouting experience and so on. And I really feel like all of my fellow fresh meats (although we’re not technically “fresh meat” anymore) are starting to get really good, and they may as well be picked in stead of me, for the few places left on the roster. 

But, I’m going to try as hard as hell anyway. I’m going to show up at every goddamn practice, and I’m going to work as hard as I can. I will not forgive myself if I don’t at least try. I really want this, and i really really want to become good in this sport. Yesterday, during endurance, I realized through the pain that endurance was also fun as well. That has never happened to me in any other sport before. I’m in love.