Yeah, so I have my player photo up on the league’s webpage now. Call me shallow and superficial, but I love shit like this. I feel even more like an “official” member of the league now. I also got excited about lame stuff like wearing our team uniform for the photo. Seriously, calm your shit Rebecca, it’s just a shirt! But you know… uniforms.. 😀

Taking the photo was funny though. It’s weird, I used to be this huge camwhore, always posing and stuff when there was a camera around. I still have the tendencies. But now, when it was like, a proper photoshoot, I just froze and felt awkward. And I even had some ideas for poses and stuff in my head. I guess it had something to do with that I know that I’m not a model, so if I were to act like one I would feel like a wannabe or something… stupid, I know. I did manage to pull myself a bit together though! I figured that if a did exaggerated pose, or something funny I didn’t feel as stupid. So, since my name is Fatal Feline, i decided to growl like a cat and do a “claw” with my hand. All in all, I’m happy with my photo.

And without further ado… here’s the photo!


Photo by: Kristian Kittelsaa