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So, the day that was intended for scrimmage ended up not having a single scrimmage. First, we had to cancel the scrimmage against Bright Future due to lack of players and referees. And, during the day we were never enough people to have a scrimmage anyway; at the beginning of the day we didn’t have any referees, and at the end of the day we had too few players.

But, that didn’t stop the day from being totally awesome! Just being in that great sports hall we were in, with a beautiful wooden floor was worth it. It took a little getting used to on my part though. It was slippery! Poor Sassy KickAssy who had to put up with me stumbling around during the pyramid-excercise at warm-up. Embarrassing!

During the day we did a lot of pack exercises, how to be offensive and defensive and so on. As our numbers grew thinner we started practicing more individual stuff, for example turning around with a jump, turning around on one foot, and we also worked a bit in pairs and practiced some more “advanced” forms of blocking.

It was sad that we weren’t able to scrimmage, but I still had a great day and felt that I learned a lot.


Me in the middle.
Photo by: Ove Engvik.