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Yesterday I attended my second advanced practice, and I figured I should write a bit about being at level 2.

The first advanced practice I attended was very different from what I’ve been used to at fresh meat practices. The tempo was different, and I kind of went from feeling pretty confident in my skating to not confident at all. But, when you start to actually play the game, there is a lot to take in, and the other girls said that it was perfectly natural to feel a bit confused at first. That being said, I still had tons of fun, and I just love the opportunity to actually be able to play some derby.

During that first advanced practice I attended, the vets were practicing for an upcoming bout, and us fresh meats who attended sort of just tagged along. Yesterdays practice were more aimed for us, so more were explained, and stuff was less confusing. I felt that I learned a lot, and also felt that I wasn’t half-bad at some of the exercises we did.

I must say, that from what I’ve experienced so far, that I seriously love this sport. From the little I’ve tried I find it incredibly fun and challenging, on a mental as well as a physical level.

This weekend I will experience my first scrimmage as well. On saturday, the league has organized a “scrimmage-day”, and this will be the first time the fresh meats who recently leveled up tries to scrimmage. And, at the end of the day, the fresh meats will play Bright Future, another derby league in our city, in an informal scrimmage. I’m so looking forward to that day! I’m sure it’ll be a great experience, and that I’ll learn a lot.

Oh and, apparently, I’m not half-bad at blogging either, so the league has asked me to blog for them at their website. So, if you’re norwegian or for some reason understand norwegian, be sure to check out my blogposts! Here is a link to the first one. And here is a link to my league’s webpage.