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I just wanted to make a short blog post, just to say that I passed the 25 in 5! Yay! As I tend to feel when being evaluated, I felt I did terribly. It was a different floor to skate on, and I felt that I wasn’t as confident in my strides as I use to be. I also got a lot more tired afterwards today than I’ve been when we’ve done it in our other practice place. Which must mean that I worked more. My theory is that when skating on a new surface, I exert myself more somehow. I managed to scrape together just over 25 laps, 25 1/4 maybe. Once I’m more used to skating on different floors (and have more wheels to choose from) I’m sure I’ll do better.

But, what matters is that I passed! Now, the “easy” part remains, and soon I can call my self a real derby girl! Yay!