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It’s that time of the month again… time for evaluation!

So, next week we will be evaluated for being able to advance to level two, which will also complete our minimum skill requirements. That involves blocking, assists, skating in a pack and so on. AND the oh-so-scary 25 laps in 5 minutes! I find them the most scary at least. I think it has to do with the fact that it’s not something you can just do and then try again if you did poorly. If I miss on my first attempt at a hip check on evaluation, I can try again. But the 25 in 5… after doing it you’re probably tired, and discouraged (if you didn’t make it that is) and other people probably will need the track after you, so you can’t try again, at least not immediately. And, people will probably be watching and cheering for you, which is nice, but it makes it a little bit scary as well.

I’m also getting nervous by the fact that I haven’t really tried doing it on a full track before, and I’m scared the floor will be too different. For the 25 in 5, i forgot to mention, we are skating in another practice hall.

And the 25 in 5 is tomorrow, as that was the only time available for us to use the bigger venue. NERVES!

At least I can try again later during the week I think, if I fail. But I should be alright. I thought i did kind of well doing it in our smaller practice venue. It’s just easy to forget that confidence now that the evaluation is drawing closer.

And, if I make it tomorrow, the worst part for me is over, and I can face the other tests with confidence. Let’s just hope I don’t loose that confidence as well, as those tests draws nearer..