Now that I’m level 1, I’ve started thinking about derby names again, since the day I advance to level 2 and get to pick my name now is getting closer. When I first found out I wanted to start doing derby I immediately started thinking about names, and created a long list with suggestions. Not to pick one of them, but to have an idea of what kind of name I wanted, and to have something to start from. I didn’t want to have absolutely no clue of what I wanted when the time to pick my name came. None of them felt truly right though.

When derby practice actually started, I was way to busy with that to even think about names. But now, other fresh meats have started talking about names and what to choose, and after advancing to level 1 I suddenly realized that the day I get to pick my name is getting much closer.

This morning I think I found my name though. It felt right immediately after I thought of it, and it’s not already taken ( I checked two evils), or has other names that is too similar.

But, I will not reveal it yet. I fully agree with my leagues policy that you have to earn your derby name, and therefore can’t pick one until you reach level 2. There is also the possibility that someone will come up with a better suggestion based on my style of skating or something like that. Nothing is for certain.

But, I’m just really happy that I have a suggestion that I’m this happy with. I was afraid  that I’d have to pick one that’s so-so, which is sad, considering you have your derby name for the rest of your (derby) life.

Now I can put all this name-pondering behind me, and really focus on getting better at playing roller derby, which is what’s really important!