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Yesterday, we had our first evaluation training, where we had the opportunity to advance  from level 0 to level 1. And I passed, hooray!

Before departing from home I was really nervous. But, when I arrived at our practice space my nerves had calmed down. At the evaluation we had three trainers who were assessing the skaters, so three were able to be evaluated at once. Of course I managed to be one of the very first three who were evaluated!

Overall, I felt that I didn’t do as well as I normally do. My T-stop with the “other foot” was a complete disaster in my opinion, and I felt that my juking was really clumsy. But, they were apparently good enough, and I didn’t even get a comment on those things. What I instead got some feedback on was that I have to use my left foot more during crossovers, and that I have to try not use my hands to push off on my thighs after a fall. But, as the trainer said, in a bout situation, you really just want to get back up after a fall as fast as possible, and then pushing your hands on your thighs is much faster. And crossovers will naturally improve as long as I keep practicing and skate more, and become even more comfortable on my skates. So, all in all, I’m really happy with my result!

I only wish there were some form of knowing how well you performed an exercise, not just “pass” or “not pass”, some sort of grading system.

In the end, I think almost everybody who tried advancing yesterday passed, so the trainers weren’t as strict as I thought they would be. I guess we’ll see when we start blocking who really deserved it and who’s safe on their skates. I do not plan on being nice, muhahahaha!

At derby practice