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The Snooty Snout Toe Caps are a type of toe guard that cover the entire toe of your skates. They are handmade in the UK and are made of durable leather.  They can be bought in many different colors, and you can also get them custom made if you want a particular pattern or image.

The snooty snouts BEFORE picture

I bought mine in red, to mach the colors of my league. They looked really good to start with, but the color quickly faded where the toe guards were worn the most. They also leave red marks on the floor, which isn’t so good. Other than that, they are great. They cover the toe completely and they stay in place. I haven’t gotten a single mark on my skates since I put them on. They may be a tiny bit difficult to put on, since you have to cut a hole for your toestops yourself. I also spent some time figuring out the best way to lace through them, since there were no directions on how to do that, but it was easy to figure out, not hard at all.

The only thing that bugs me with these is the fact that they (at least my red ones) leave marks on the floor, other than that they are perfect!

The snooty snouts AFTER, you can see the color has been worn off in some places