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So, practice on monday was awesome. I had so much fun that me and some of the girls stayed after practice was finished to practice further some of the skills we went through on practice.

The Tailbone

I managed to hurt my tailbone, though. It was the stupidest fall ever as well. We were practicing turn around toe stops, which is something I can do now, maybe not perfect, but still. This time I managed to turn around, but then my brain just shut down, and my feet crashed into each other, and I fell backwards. It did hurt a little, but not very much. But the next day, I had serious problems sitting down and standing up. What a painful day that was, especially since I had to sit through four hours of continuous lectures in developmental psychology. Thankfully, it was really interesting.

Today my tailbone hurts less, but it is still painful. I really hope I’ll be able to attend practice today. My plan is to show up and just try, and if I can’t do it I’ll sit and watch.

I also hope I’ll be able to go to the movies. Because tonight, Nidaros Roller Derby is organizing a viewing, where they are showing the derby documentary Derby Baby! I’m so excited!