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So, at yesterdays practice I had the total opposite experience of what i felt on mondays practice. Today absolutely everything was fun and easy, and I felt that I could do a lot of stuff. We basically did much of the same stuff as last practice, but I  guess I was in a different mental state, so everything was much easier.

I’m starting to feel more comfortable in derby now, both as a skater and as a member of the league. I feel comfortable on my skates now, I know I can stop and fall adequately, so I’m not afraid to try new stuff. And as a member of the league I’m starting to get to know the other fresh meats more, and I’ve also met some more of the veterans. Everyone seems really nice, and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone. I’m starting to feel like I belong.

I also have some pathetic pictures to upload here, but its better than nothing.

Here we are practicing juking, you can see the cones we were to navigate around on the floor.

As you can see on the picture, our practice venue has these scary columns.  I’ve heard of at least one veteran who has smacked into one of those during a scrimmage. That sounds really painful. Luckily, the scrimmages are now held in another location.

Another pathetic picture

I’m sorry for the bad pictures, will do better next time. I can take some pictures of myself in my gear or something, or some “artistic” pictures of my skates with some pre-set hipster-filter. I just didn’t want to be too pretentious, but hey, I’m already writing a blog so what the hell.