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Apart from the fresh meat bootcamp last weekend, there has only been one practice on skates this week.

The one practice we had on skates was last monday. This time we were in another venue, with slipperier floor, and it took some getting used to after skating on the stickiest floor ever during the bootcamp. It was a lot of fun, we mostly worked on t-stops and plow stops. And then we played some games where we got to practice gliding on one foot and crossovers.

We were supposed to have a practice on wednesday as well, but it was cancelled, due to some event being held in the venue we use for practice. But, we still made the best out of the situation, and had a NSO and rules night (NSO meaning non skate official, they count points, keep track of time in the penalty box and so on).  One of the refs and us fresh meats gathered to sit and talk about NSO’ing and rules. In our league, one of the requirements for reaching a new level is to participate as an NSO at scrimmages and bouts. This is because NSO’ing teaches us a lot about the rules of the game, and also so that the league has NSO’s for bouts and scrimmages. If it hadn’t been for skaters NSO’ing, the league would only have like one or two NSO’s.

The NSO and rules night was interesting, and I learned a lot. And today, there was a scrimmage-practice for the advanced skaters, and me and some other fresh meats were there to be NSO’s, and to put our newly acquired knowledge to the test.

I really learned a ton, and it wasn’t as hard as I had thought. And, I got to watch the veterans skate, which was really fun! Some of them are so talented, its incredibly entertaining to watch them skate. I cannot wait until I also can skate with such elegance!