Now that I’m back in Oslo, I have started taking my skates out to practice. But, being the big wuss that I am, I prefer to skate by my self without anyone watching me, since I haven’t got any newbies like myself to skate with. In the apartment complex that I live in, there is a little building with washing machines and stuff, and a larger room with a long table set in the middle. The last few nights I have been sneaking into that room to skate. The floor is a kind of stone or concrete or something, so it works really well. The downside is that the room is a little small, so I don’t have enough room to get much speed or to be able to practice crossovers or stuff like that. But I have been working on t-stops and some sticky skating.

My only problem is that I haven’t got any pads to protect myself yet. I only have a helmet. I think I’ll have more progress once I get hold of some pads, because now I am really anxious to fall and hurt myself, and I’m sure that’s limiting me in my skating. I have also tried a bit outside, but I find that scary, because each time I go a tiny bit downhill, I start building up speed and my plow stops won’t work. I guess I have to build up some more thigh muscle.

Once I aquire some pads, I plan on skating with some of my friends who are into long-boarding. They are as much newbies at long-boarding as I am at skating, so we’ll be a good match I think.