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These are my roller skates by the way. They are the Riedell 265 vandals. I originally intended buying the Riedell Wickeds, but my bf bought them for me in the states, and the girl he bought them from recommended the thrust plate instead of the dynapro, as the thrust are lighter and better suited for beginners.

I’m glad he went with the thrust plate. If I’ll be as addicted to derby as i think I’ll be I will most probably upgrade to a better plate eventually, and it is silly to spend more money than necessary on something I’ll end up upgrading anyway.

The wheels that came with the skates were the red Tuner wheels, but I haven’t yet had the chance to try them out. I’ve only skated outdoors, and used my outdoor wheels, which are the Radar Energy wheels. I haven’t skated on that many wheels yet, so I don’t have any reference points, but my experience of the Radar Energys have so far been great. They are pretty soft, 78A durometer, so they’re great at absorbing shock, and I haven’t fallen over because of twigs or cracks in the asphalt.

As for the boots, I don’t have much experience in them yet, I’ll write more about them when I know more what I’m talking about.  One thing though, I had to go down two whole sizes from my US street size. I remember being really nervous about size, as I didn’t have the opportunity to try the skates on myself. I measured my foot and printed out the size chart by Riedell, and concluded with that I needed a size 7. But when my bf bought the skates he used his mom as reference, as she uses just a size smaller than me (in norwegian sizes). They concluded with that I needed size 6,5. When I eventually tried them on, they fit like a glove. I’m so glad I didn’t order them myself online, then I would have ended up with too large skates!